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Monday, August 30, 2010

And so it begins....

Jared reported to the Police Academy at 6am this morning.

I don't know which was more difficult...watching him give Lincoln his goodnight snuggles last night, or seeing him off this morning.

I slept awful last night. I kept waking up with that "pit in the bottom of your stomach" feeling, & felt like I was going to throw up. I didn't though. I stayed strong. Until he left. Then I was by myself, alone, in our dark house. I honestly wanted to run into Lincoln's nursery and scoop him up for some cuddles. I decided against that because he was fast asleep. I did however sneak into his room and watch him peacefully sleep for a few minutes.

When Lincoln woke up this morning it made things a little easier. It's hard to not be happy with him. He is my little ray of sunshine :)

I am going to miss him terribly. But I think what bothers me the most, is the time he has to spend away from Lincoln. Jared has seen Lincoln every day since he's been born. He's a very active Father. Lincoln loves his Daddy. To see the pure excitement on his face when his Daddy walks into the room, fills me up with such happiness.

Here is Lincoln with his Daddy before bedtime last night. He was exhausted!

I hope it gets easier. It is hard.


  1. Aw, you poor thing. I was without Brett for 6 weeks when he moved to Iowa and I waited for our house to sell. Granted, it's no police academy, but, I hated him being gone. Many ((hugs)) to you!

  2. ahh that's so hard! best of luck in the adjustment :(

  3. He sure look tired, so cute, he would have had a good nights sleep.

    well wishes


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