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Thursday, August 26, 2010

9 months old!

Can you stand it? My sweet little Lincoln is 9 months old. It is so bittersweet. I love watching him grow and turn into the sweetest little boy, but I miss my teeny tiny newborn!

I have actually started to think about ideas for his ::gasp:: 1st birthday party!

Lincoln had his 9 month pediatrician visit yesterday, & it was pretty fun for him [and me] because there were no shots :)

He weighs 23 pounds 2 ounces, and he's 30 inches long! He is in the 90th percentile for both his height and his weight!

His pedi said he's absolutely perfect. She also said because he's 9 months old and over 20 pounds, we could start the transition to whole milk. I'm still a little baffled on this because I thought formula was very important for the first year. I'm not too sure how if I'm going to start that transition quite yet.

So what's my sweet boy up to these days?

  • He now has one tooth! It's his bottom right, but if you look at him, it looks like he has both bottom teeth. That second one is going to pop through any minute! Also, his pedi said his two top front teeth are on their way too!
  • He waves... But only at his Momma :)
  • He is this.close to crawling.
  • He does the "Downward Facing Dog" yoga pose, which I find hysterical.
  • Just yesterday I went to grab him out of his crib after his nap and he was sitting up in his crib!
  • He rocks the army crawl quite well.
  • He is a talkative little man! He jibber jabbers all day long with his Momma :)
  • He is getting better at finger foods, but still loves his purees. He is a cheese maniac! We went out for dinner the other night and I gave him some shredded cheese and he dove right in! I'm not too sure the restaurant appreciated the mess he made though...
  • He loves to drink water out of his sippy cup. But his favorite thing to do with it is to fill his mouth up, & then blow it out his mouth. Makes for a fun [messy] time!

I'm sure there are loads of things I'm forgetting. He seriously learns something new each day. To see the joy and excitement on his face when he discovers something new, is the greatest!

And, you know we had a 9 month photo shoot! Here are some of the best shots...

With Daddy....

With Mommy...

He is growing up SO fast!
Oh, and tomorrow is the big day....Jared has his first day at the police academy. It's orientation, so he'll be home later that night. But Monday morning, he reports bright and early [6am] and is there for the duration of the week. I'm d.r.e.a.d.i.n.g it :( I can do this though. Really, I can.
Happy 9 months to my sweet little Lincoln. I love him a little bit more each day :)


  1. Milk is such an iffy thing! I wanted to transition my 10 month old off formula and onto milk, but my doctor wants me to wait. He said that IF he had any reaction to dairy, then we would have to wait until he was 2 before we could try again! Waiting another 2 months seems easy compared to having to go another year on formula!

  2. He is so cute! Happy 9 months!
    I've never heard of starting the switch to milk at 9 months. That's interesting.

  3. Happy 9 months Lincoln, cute photos posing with the parents.


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