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Monday, August 23, 2010

9 month professional photos [outfit]

...yes, I am well aware that my sweet boy just so happens to be 9 months old today :::cue the tears::: however, I am not writing his 9 month post until he has his 9 month pedi visit on Wednesday so I can update with his latest stats :)

I did however want to share his super cute outfit he will be wearing for his 9 month professional pictures in a couple of weeks! Seriously, how adorable is he going to look in this...shoes & all....

The outfit is compliments of Gymboree, aka: my favorite store to shop for my sweet little Lincoln. I'm sure his photos will turn out super adorable, as always...he really loves the camera!
Last week I also picked up his Halloween costume! I'm not going to share what he's going to dress up as yet, but does anyone have any guesses?!?!
There will not be a giveaway this week because I'm trying to soak up as much family time as possible before Jared reports to the Academy...however, today is the last day to enter the Happy Baby Food giveaway! I am in contact with some great companies, & will be having lots of more giveaways soon :)
I also wanted to add that if you win a giveaway, you still can win the next one too! I do not have a rule where you can only win one within a certain time period, so enter away :)


  1. very cute outfit! my favorite are the shorts!

  2. Cutest outfit ever! I love the puppy :)

  3. So cute! I cant wait to see them! We are skipping the 9month photos and doing a big 12 month photo shoot!


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