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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My son is a comedian...

Lincoln is really starting to get quite the personality.

& it's just getting more fun by the day!

The other night he was seriously protesting going to bed. Normally he takes his last bottle at 8pm & then goes to sleep. However, at 10pm, my sweet little boy was playing happily in his crib. So when I went in there to check on him, I said, "okay mister, Mommy's serious, it's bedtime." Do you know what my precious boy did? The little stinker laughed at me. HUGE belly laughs. He found me hysterical. So, obviously I couldn't help laughing myself. This carried on...him laughing at me. It didn't matter what I said, or did, he just laughed :)

He is also starting to laugh whenever I do. If I look at him & laugh, he will crack up! It's really funny.

Today he must have really tuckered himself out, because I left the room to go pee, & came back to this...

I quickly grabbed my cell phone to take a pic :) Then, I picked him up & carried him to his crib. He only took a 30 minute nap, & then woke up ready to play some more!

I can only imagine what's in store for us as his little personality further develops. He's quite the character :)


  1. He is adorable! It's hilarious the positions that kids get themselves in and just go to sleep!

  2. hahahhaa! that picture is AMAZING!

  3. oh my gosh he is SOO cute! I don't know how you could stop yourself from laughing when a baby laughs! It's contagious!!!


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