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Monday, July 12, 2010

I do not wash my hands in public restrooms...

...it completely skeeves me out! I am by no means a germophobe, but the thought that tons of germ infested people touch the handles of the faucet, soap dispenser, & paper towel dispenser, just seems disgusting. I mean, the purpose of washing your hands is to get rid of germs, not to collect more from strangers! I carry a small container of antibacterial hand sanitizer in my purse & just use that instead.

That was until yesterday....

Jared, Lincoln, & I went out for dinner at the Ninety Nine. When I went to the restroom, I discovered that the water automatically turned on when you put your hands underneath the faucet [now I know what you're saying, "duh Kami, that little feature has been around for quite some time!] But, the next thing I noticed made me squeal with delight....the soap dispenser was motion activated as well! That meant I didn't have to touch the dispenser for the soap either! And, finally...the paper towel dispenser was motion activated as well :) Which meant, I got to wash my hands without touching one single germ infested thing! Woot!!!

Yes, I realize I do sound crazy, but this did excite me. I think all public restrooms should install all three of these magical devices, don't you?! :)


  1. OMG I'm not alone! I hate washing my hands in public restrooms. I always carrying around some antibacterial lotion because it's just so nasty!

    Everywhere should have the motion sensor water, soap, towels and tissue for the toilet seat!

  2. you are not alone...i too hate public restrooms... but i also hate touching ANYthing prior to washing myhands after using one (including getting out my hand sanitizer)...

    love the auto water/soap/towels... very cool!

    also a suggestion... for restrooms that don't have auto... wash hands in this order... here's my ocd process...
    1.) get paper towel ready to tear off dispensor (wind/crank/whatever to get the paper to hang out)
    2.) turn on water
    3.) get soap
    4.) wash hands - scrubbing in warm water for 20-30 seconds
    5.) tear off towel /dry hands
    6.) use towel to turn off water, and to open door out of the restroom
    7.) pitch towel as you walk out
    8.) sanitize hands before touching baby if restroom was especially questionable...

  3. I totally feel the same way. Have you seen these new hand dryers that aren't like the usual hand dryers? You put your hands facing down and slowly raise them up while air shoots over both sides of them. When you are done, they are completely dry!!!!

  4. I HATE washing my hands in public...I feel like they are dirtier than they were before. I always carry hand sanitizer too. When I do wash my hands I always have to grab a paper towel for the door...yuck!

  5. I touch doors and handles with paper towels in public restrooms because people turn on the water with dirty hands, but turn it off with clean hands which defeats the purpose.

  6. YES! i agree completely. and i always think that OTHER restroom patrons think i'm a dirty bird when i leave without washing... they don't know i carry hand sanitizer for this very purpose. so i'm doubly paranoid in a public restroom. i feel you, mama!


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