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Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy weekend ahead!

We have one heck of a busy weekend in store for us! My parents are driving right now from RI to spend the weekend here...which I'm super excited about. They haven't been here in a few months, because of my father's liver condition [I really will post about this someday].

Then, tomorrow the entire side of my Mom's family is coming here for a cookout. Her family is very small, so there will only be about 15 of us total. I'm very excited though. They haven't seen our house yet, so I'm frantically running around, trying to get it in tip top shape [which is VERY hard when my sweet boy wants my undivided attention]!

Lincoln is really showing a lot of interest in our cat Oliver lately. Last night I was able to get this super cute shot...
Oliver is [thankfully] so good with him too. He will rub his head up underneath Lincoln's hand...so sweet :)

I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend :)


  1. Have a good weekend visiting with family...found your blog through BoyMom link up! Cute blog :)

  2. newest follower :)


  3. Have fun with your family visit! We just got back from visiting with ours. We have a blogging award for you over at our site, so come on by:


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