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Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby, it's HOT outside

It has been ridiculously hot here this past week. Like in the 90's. That's pretty darn hot for New Englander's. While Lincoln loves his time outside, I'm not about to have him out there in this kind of weather. Jared installed the ac [finally] this past weekend, & we've just been keeping cool in the house.

Lincoln's newest favorite activity is sitting up and playing with these blocks.

He likes to mostly bang them together. He finds quite delight in himself with the noise they make. And when Mommy does it, it's even more funny.

He had to take a quick time out when our cat Oliver walked by. He is seriously going to terrorize that poor kitty sometime in the near future. He gets ALL excited whenever he sees him. His legs start kicking, & he talks to him. He's really cute :)

I'm hoping Jared sets up his little pool this weekend. It's exactly like this, only it's rectangular in shape. It has built in seats & cup holders! Next year our plan is to get our in ground pool...but for now, this will do :)
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Hope you are all able to keep cool this weekend :)

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  1. The heat is killing us too. It was 100 for three days in a row. Not cool!

    He looks so cute playing with those blocks. LOVE IT!


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