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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My new favorite thing... cuddling Lincoln in our bed :) Yeah yeah, I know "they" say it's bad and all that, but seriously, I think some good momma/son cuddle time is a good thing! The past two mornings Lincoln has woken much earlier than usual. He normally sleeps until 8-9am (I know, you're jealous!)...but the past two mornings he has woken up at 6:30am. And, this just means he's ready to go back to bed at 8am. So, the past two mornings I have taken advantage of this opportunity and brought him to bed with me for some snuggles :) He is seriously the cuddliest thing e.v.e.r.! And, I cannot get enough of it. He gets ALL excited when he wakes up and sees me lying next to him...melts my heart every time! I think Jared is completely jealous because we bought a summer quilt for our bed last night and he said, "if Lincoln spits up on this, we can get the stain out, right?" I think Daddy wants some Lincoln snuggles in bed too!

Oh, and I completely forgot to post this super cute family pic of us the other day. Isn't it precious?!

Hope you all are having a great Thursday!


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that I voted for you on TMB today! Hope you will visit my blog and do that same : )

  2. Can I just say that I think "they" are wrong, and cuddling your precious child in your bed is a good thing


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