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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was awesome. Jared, Lincoln, and I had a great 3 days together to spend as a family. We have SO much work to do on finishing our house, but I really think family time is more important, especially since having Lincoln. It was time for our house projects to be put on hold, and to enjoy our little family. On Sunday we went to a cookout at Jared's aunt's house. We had a wonderful time, and Lincoln did so well being off of his schedule for the day. He LOVED the grass. He would squeal with delight each time his feet touched the grass :) Here he is with his Pop (Jared's father) enjoying the lawn! Unfortunately, those were the only two pictures I got on Sunday :( I was seriously slacking, I'll admit it. But, I think I made up for it on Monday. On Monday, I thought Jared was working on the house all day and I would be just hanging out with Lincoln. However, around 10am, he came inside and asked if I wanted to go out for the day! I was super psyched. So when Lincoln woke up from his morning nap, I packed his bag, and we headed out. Our first stop was to an outdoor shopping area. I wanted to hit up Gymboree and Children's Place. Here's our little shopping buddy (and his elephant friend) ready to go!

Check out his super cute Shark sandals...which he LOVED by the way. He thought they were a new toy or something. He kept putting his foot towards his mouth so he could chomp on them :)

Isn't he handsome?! :)

Lincoln made out quite well while shopping. He got 4 pairs of jeans from Children's Place for $5 each! I bought sizes so he could wear them in the fall :) Our next stop was Coldstone Creamery. Lincoln needed a bottle, and Daddy and Mommy needed to satisfy their sweet tooth. Apparently Lincoln wanted to satisfy his sweet tooth too. He literally grabbed the spoon out of Jared's ice cream! Don't worry though, he didn't get any.

Once we got home, we just relaxed out on our front porch. Lincoln loves the outdoor glider we have :)

Here we are :)

He was giving his Daddy high fives :) Soooo cute!!

He was pulling me close to him...loved it!

So, our weekend was absolutely fantastic! I love having quality time to spend where it's just the three of us. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend :)


  1. Those sandals are too cute for words!! I love baby feet in the summer :)

  2. Great pictures! I know I always say this but he looks just like his daddy! :)

  3. Kami-these pictures are just precious. I miss when my son was that tiny. What a cute blog--I am now following it!

  4. soooo cute! it looks like you guys had an awesome weekend. love it!


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