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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cuteness Overload!

Can I just brag about my sweet boy for a second? He had his 6 month photos taken on Saturday, and he was seriously the happiest baby e.v.e.r.! The photographer said he was the best baby she's ever had...I'm sure she's said this to other people before, but it still made me feel good! His pictures came out absolutely amazing. It was so hard to choose a package...which needless to say, I spent a small fortune. But it was oh-so worth it! She took a ton of pictures, but I will show off a few of my favorites :)

Here is a cute family shot :)
My nakey boy in the tub!
so flippin' cute!

"swimming" with sophie :)

Poor Sophie's broken neck, ha!

"uh oh, you caught me!"

My sweet happy boy :)

Can't get enough of him :)

Sitting up on his own!!
Love it !

So yeah, that's just a glimpse of what I had to choose from! I know the photographer, so she took some extra time with us and took way more pictures than she normally would. I cannot wait to get them in to hang on my walls!


  1. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! i love his little legs! and the bathtub shots are great! i think i might steal that idea for our 9month photos! (i know our photographer has a tub, too!) sooo cute! and what proud parents!

  2. Well, I tried leaving a comment earlier, but blogger was being stupid, so it errored out on me.

    The photos are so cute - great job! I love his little chubby legs, and bare feet! And the family shots are really beautiful! what proud parents!

  3. That is some serious cuteness overload.

    Following you now

  4. ADORABLE!!! You guys look so good!


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