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Friday, June 4, 2010

6 Month Pictures...

Ahh, I know. You probably opened this post thinking you were going to see tons of pictures of Mr. Lincoln. However, I'm sorry to say, that no not today...but TOMORROW, Lincoln is having his 6 month professional pictures done :) I am so excited. The last time we took him for his pictures he was such a little flirt, and he was only 2 months old! I cannot wait to see how these turn out. We are going to do a bunch of just Lincoln, and then Jared and I are going to have some taken with him as well. Here's where I need your help. Lincoln is going to be wearing this super cute shirt.

Now, should he wear jeans or jean shorts? And how about on his feet....sandals or bare feet? Let me know what you think, please please please! I am going to wear a light blue tank to match the blue stripes in his shirt, and Jared is going to wear a grey polo....matchy matchy, I know! I should have some proofs to share with you all next week. I am SOOOO excited!!!


  1. I like bare feet, personally. Perhaps you can do some with shoes and some without...nothing beats adorable chunky baby feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I second the bare feet! And i'd go for shorts.. to show off the legs!

  3. I'd do jeans and bare piggies! :)Cute shirt!

  4. My vote is for bare feet and shorts!!! xoxo


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