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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wishbone Day

And no, it's not about the salad dressing...

May 6th is known as Wishbone Day. Wishbone Day is about raising awareness of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), otherwise known as 'brittle bones'. Considering I have OI, this is extremely important to me. Not many people are familiar with OI, and that needs to change. Here is some info about me [due to OI], that you may, or may not know:

  • I have type I [which is the most mild type, there are 4]. Type 1 is the mildest form, followed by Type IV, then Type III, Type II is fatal at birth :(
  • The whites of my eyes are blue [This is called blue sclera].
  • I have had 15 broken bones.
  • I have a rod in my right femur from bowing, and a rod in my spine from scoliosis.
  • I use a wheelchair for "long distance" activities.
  • I wear braces on my legs from my shin down.
  • I cannot run, jump, hop, skip...however, I was a cheerleader for 7 years :)
  • Any child I have has a 50% chance of inheriting the gene. My sweet boy does NOT have OI. In some aspects, he is already stronger than his Momma, and I couldn't be happier or more blessed.
  • If a child of mine has OI, they will have the same type as myself.
  • I have some hearing loss and have had surgery in each ear to help correct it.
  • I am considered tall for someone who has OI, and I'm only 5 feet.
  • And most importantly, I have NEVER let OI get in my way of anything I have ever wanted. I feel because my bones break easily, I am so much stronger in other aspects of my life.

Please help spread OI awareness. Without awareness, there will never be a cure. To educate yourself, visit:



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  1. Happy Wishbone Day!!!

    I love love love the fact that you were a cheerleader! I bet you were great!

    Here's to strong willed momma's that have OI!!!



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