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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My poor sweet boy is teething. Based on what his gums are looking like, it appears as if he'll get his top left tooth first, but we'll see. Of course his gums are bothering him mostly at night. Our nighttime has been going something like this. Bottle at 8pm, rock to sleep, put in crib. He'll sleep for about 45 minutes, then wake up screaming. Go in, calm him down....rinse, lather, and repeat, all night long, every 1 1/2 hours. I hope he gets that tooth soon! Poor little guy :(

Anyways, here he is the other day test driving his new jeep ;)

He likes it, but still can't figure out how to maneuver it around. He can move it backwards a little bit, but that's all. I'm sure he'll be zipping around the house in no time!

Oh, and if you have any teething tips, please please please post them here. Lincoln thanks you in advance!


  1. Oh no fun!! F likes cold wash cloths to suck on.

    Frozen fruit in a mesh feeder.

    when in doubt hylands teething tablets.

    I left you a surprise on my blog.

  2. Poor little guy, no tips yet from us we are just beginning the teething faze. I did hear that wet washclothes help though. Good Luck!!

    Oh and I love his little jeep!

  3. The only thing that ever worked for Hank was Hyland's Tetthing Tablets. I hope it gets better for you [& him]! :)

  4. Tylenol and give him cold things to suck on. Baby oral gel works pretty good as well. Sometimes I would use the mesh bags and just put semi frozen bananas in it and let them go town.


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