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Thursday, May 27, 2010

6 Months

I feel like I've been procrastinating on this post, because my sweet boy has officially been 1/2 a year old for four days already. How can that be? Seriously?! It feels like yesterday Jared was placing him into my arms for the first time. How he instantly stopped crying when he heard my voice. That feels like yesterday, yet millions of years ago all at the same time. It feels like Lincoln has been in my life forever. But, at the same time, cannot believe he's already 6 months old! He is turning into quite the little character. It's so fun to watch his little personality develop. It seems like he learns something new every day. Right now his favorite thing to do is jump! If you stand him up and say "jumping, jumping!" He gets ALL excited and jumps up and down like a crazy man. It's so cute. He also reaches for faces. If I face him towards me when I hold him, he cups my face with his little hands....melts my heart every time :)

Now, of course you know there was a 6 month photo shoot. Here are a few of the millions of pictures taken :)

This sweet smile was captured thanks to Sophie squeaking away :)
This is one of the new faces he makes...so funny!

cheesing away

He was standing against the couch here

Love him :)

I love him so much. I seem to love him a little bit more each day. He is my world :)


  1. Toooo precious! Love those smiles! Great Pics!:)

  2. He is so sweet!! I can't believe he is 6 months, that will be us in a month and it is so scary how fast it is going.

  3. gorgeous boy! happy 6 months (and 4 days!) :)


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