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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I took part in the Ultimate Blog Party last year, and was thrilled when I received the email about this years event! Now on with my introduction...

Welcome to my blog! I'm so happy you have decided to visit, and I hope you'll stick around. My name is Kami (pronounced "K-Me"). I'm a 29 year old stay at home mom, to one heck of a ridiculously cute baby boy, Lincoln, who's 16 months old. I'm also a wife to a dashingly handsome police officer. This blog documents all of our life milestones, events, and even a few giveaways thrown in here and there :)

OH, I almost forgot to tell you....I live next to my inlaws, so sometimes things get interesting around here...

Jared & I met in 2005. He literally swept me off my feet. I don't think I would be a believer in "love at first sight," if it wasn't for him.
Oh Christmas Eve 2005, he popped the big question and with that, we were married on May 20, 2007. We had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, that was really like a fairytale...horse & carriage and all! After being married for a year, we decided to build our own house! [note: this is where living next to the inlaws comes into play]. It took us one year to build our house. I mentioned my husband is a police officer. Here we are on the night of his graduation from the Academy. I couldn't be more proud. On March 22, 2009, our lives were forever changed with one little word... I had a wonderful pregnancy. We were thrilled to find out we were having a boy!

This was my last belly picture, taken at 38 weeks, 3 days. I had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks 1 day. I was HUGE!!! On November 23, 2009, at 8:43am we were blessed with our son, Lincoln James. Our baby weighed 8 lbs 13 oz, and was 21 inches long.
We were so in love...
Today we are enjoying our little family of three. We are planning on giving Lincoln a sibling sometime within this year, so right now we're trying to soak up all the individual time we can get with our sweet boy.
Our life is crazy and hectic at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My family is my world. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)


  1. You have the most beautiful family and story! It is positively enchanting : ) I can't help but smile when i read your story!

  2. Next to your inlaws? Brave girl! :)

    Come by and visit me at motherhoodunabridged.com

  3. You have a beautiful family and a really cute blog. I'm happy to "meet" you!

    I live next door to my parents...so I understand how "interesting" that can be!

  4. Your little boy is sooo stinking cute! Blessings to you from www.nanahood.com visit me sometime!

  5. Hey there I love your blog!! poppin over from the Blog party at the 2011 ultimate blog party. Please come see me.



  6. Following you for UBP 2011 :) Awesome story!

  7. Following you via Ultimate Blog Party 2011. Awesome post you wrote. I'm working on mine now.

  8. Following you from UBP 2011. I agree with the others, brave to live next to your in-laws. Wonderfully story you shared. Looking forward to more post about your beautiful family.

  9. Stopping in from UBP11!! So nice to "meet" you! You have a beautiful little boy!!

    Stop in and visit me at my blog, ourcrazybusywonderfullife.com!!

  10. Awesome pictures and beautiful family :)

    Stopping by via the party.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I don't know if I could live next door to my inlaws...or even my own family! LOL

    You have an adorable family. Though I want to see more pics of your wedding- it sounds fabulous!

    Stopping by from the UBP!

  12. Your family of three is adorable! I cannot imagine living next to my in-laws. Wow!

  13. Hi there,
    I am visiting from #UBP11 and I am so happy I found your sweet blog! You have a beautiful family; our little guys aren't too far apart in age; I just love this age group, so cute and so happy.
    Can't wait to read more...visit me at Life as Topher's Mama

  14. Found you from the UBP!!!
    You have a beautiful family and blog! You had a big boy like I did! He was 8lbs 8oz!!! and I am only 5'2"! Come see my blog too!

  15. What a beautiful story and family.

    Stopping by from UBP 2011. My name is Juliana and I hope you return my visit to my Personal blog or Shopping blog. Nice to meet you.

  16. Visiting from Dubai via UBP! That was a HUGE baby bump you had! I love the wedding photo - it just screams of true love. :-)

  17. Visiting from UBP11!

    Love your blog. You are very brave to live next door to your in laws! LOL :)

    Will be checking back with you!


  18. Visiting from UBP, what a beautiful story you have and such a sweet family. My son and yours aren't too far apart in age.

    So good to meet you!

  19. What a GREAT post!! You have such a beautiful family and your story is so sweet. Ok, now I'm motivated to go do mine, lol.

    I'm a new stalker : )


  20. Hi there!
    Stopping by -- love all this partying!
    Really love all the moments you shared in your party post. Your son is adorable! :)

  21. I'm visiting from the UBP11! Thanks for sharing your story! I will be following you indeed! Here is my blog: http://momconfessionals.com/2011/04/ultimate-blog-party-2011/

  22. What a lovely post, just like a picture book! I'm stopping by from UBP '11, of course. I'm at www.savorthismoment.com


  23. Hello from UBP 2011! Nice to meet you and check out your site - very cute pics of your little boy! Best of luck!

  24. You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed the pics along with the story. Very sweet.

    Stopping by from UBP. Please check out my blog.


  25. What a beautiful family and such a sweet love story! God bless you for living next to your inlaws!!

    Just stopping by from the UBP11!

    joy & blessings,

  26. My mom lives with us 1/2 the week. I understand. It does get interesting! I have 2 kiddos, I'm a homeschooling mom, pastors wife, a pro athlete that hates to workout LOL.. I also write a fitness blog, but I LOVE fried fatty foods. You can read more about us in my party post
    Stop by and say HI!

  27. Dropping by to say "Hi"!
    Beautiful blog.
    Take care,
    Char from UBP #372

  28. Your son is a cutie! :) Im here from UBP 2011, Im a new follower, Im a police dispatcher, and I know how amazing and difficult it can be to be an officers wife. I love how you posted the pics in order! great idea! Its nice to meet you!

  29. What a great intro! YOu have a beautiful family.

    I'm a new follower from the Ultimate Blog Party. It's nice to meet you. Hope you can stop by and say hi. :)

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

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  31. Hello! I am stopping by from the UBP11! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by and follow me back :)


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