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Thursday, April 29, 2010

"One more lullabye..."

Lately, those are the words I find myself saying each night while rocking Lincoln to sleep. Every night, around 8pm, I make Lincoln's bottle and take him into his nursery. I dim the lights, put on his favorite lullabye cd, feed him his bottle, and rock him to sleep. It's a routine we've established since he was around 2 months old. Normally he'll pass out right before finishing his entire bottle. I'll rock him for awhile, even though he's sound asleep in my arms. It's our special "Mommy and Lincoln time." I just stare at his precious little face, and can't help but fill up with such love and happiness. I look at his little hands, and his tiny finger that he so tightly has wrapped around mine, and think, "this little hand will be bigger than mine someday." These moments are going by faster than I ever could have imagined. I love seeing my sweet boy grow and discover new things, but at the same time, I miss my tiny little baby. So for now, we rock to our favorite lullabye cd....just one more lullabye, again, and again...


  1. Very cute! It's so true about the time going by. I really feel as though my daughter is about to be off and married or something! Appreciating the moments like these are what it's all about. :)

    Remember always.

  2. Time flies so fast, I am living proof of that. My little girls are growing and it makes me feel the same way. I want my babies back! But then I can't wait to see them as young mothers themselves! Beautiful! Cherish the moments.....xoxoxo


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