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Monday, March 29, 2010

Presto Chango!

Well, whatcha think?! ;) I am SO in love with my new blog, and it's all thanks to Emma at Indie Chick Designs. You can visit her site here I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who wants their blog revamped. She is AWESOME! She told me it would take about a week, but seriously, it wasn't even that long. Her prices are very reasonable, and she is just so nice, and great to work with.

I now have a cute little button that you can add to your blog if you'd like. It's on the left column of my blog. If you add my button to your blog, leave me a comment and I'll put yours on my page!

On another note, I go today for my first shot to get me ready for the radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment on Wednesday. I have to have a shot today and tomorrow. It basically gears up your body to absorb the iodine. Fun stuff. Oh well, at least this should be final chapter on my thyroid cancer. Then I can put all of that in the past. It's been a tough ride, but it certainly has made me stronger.

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