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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the butt?!?!

Yeah, that was me saying that yesterday. That is where I had to receive my injection of thyrogen. And I get another today...fabulous. It didn't hurt at all, but in the butt?! Really?! I was surprised nonetheless. Tomorrow I go in for the RAI, and then Friday for a scan. Almost done with this cancer crap.

Considering I can't be around Lincoln while I'm radioactive, I've been giving him some extra snuggles this week. Last night we rocked for awhile before I put him down to bed. And this morning, we cuddled on the couch :) I'm going to miss him TONS...even if it is for only a day or two. My mom is coming to help take care of him. I'm basically quarantining myself to the master bed/bath for the duration. It's going to stink, royally. Oh well, gotta do it!


  1. good luck hun! i hope it all goes as well as it can!


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