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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Radioactive!

As of 2pm this afternoon, I am officially radioactive! It's such a crazy process. I had to take two pregnancy tests, one a month ago, and the other on Monday, so they could make sure I wasn't pregnant. I knew there was no way whatsoever that I was, but it's some rule, so whatever. In order for me to take the pill, I had to put on a pair of rubber gloves. The doctor handed me a medicine cup with the pill inside of it. I went to take the pill out with my fingers, but was urgently instructed to not touch the pill (even though I was wearing the gloves), and to just put it directly into my mouth. The radioactive iodine will destroy any remaining thyroid tissue that is left in my body. On Monday, I will go for an uptake scan to make sure all cancer cells are no longer present (fingers crossed). My prognosis is extremely good, so I am being optimistic. I also have to carry around a card for 100 days saying I am radioactive. Apparently the state police carry around transmitters alerting them of radioactivity. I could set this off! I definitely don't want them thinking I'm some crazy terrorist!

My mom is staying with us to help out with Lincoln for a few days. It's really hard to not be around him. Right now she's feeding him his bottle and rocking him to sleep. He seems to be having a tough go of it, because I can hear him crying :( I miss my baby.

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