The Momma Diaries: April 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet little boy Oliver! We really got lucky with him. He was the last kitten left in his litter, no one wanted him. I called Jared up and asked if I could bring him home with me. He didn't hesitate at all, and Oliver has been a total "daddy's boy" ever since! He is such a great cat and has a great personality. He will even play fetch with us! It amazes me how smart he is. Sometimes I don't think people give enough credit to how intelligent animals are. Oliver learns new things everyday. He has his routines. For example, when I open the drawer next to my bed he knows there are treats in there so he comes and jumps on the bed. We are very lucky to have him in our lives. He is going to be an amazing big brother to our little baby. He loves kids so much. When our niece and nephew were here from Tennessee last month, he walked around the house crying and looking for them when they left! In honor of Ollie's birthday, here are some pictures celebrating his two years!

Happy Birthday my little boy! Daddy and I love you Oliver <3 span="">

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Weeks!

I feel like I have somehow hit a milestone today. I never made it to 5 weeks the last time I was pregnant, so seriously, everyday that passes, I feel better and better. I have decided that each week I will include this little growth development description that is on The Bump, as well as the ever popular Pregnancy Survey. So, here we go...

Week 5: Appleseed

Your embryo (looking kind of like a tadpole) is starting to form major organs (heart, kidney, liver, stomach) and systems (nervous, circulatory, digestive). Baby's presence in your uterus triggers production of hCG (the hormone detected by pregnancy tests)...which triggers production of other hormones like estrogen and progesterone...which trigger all those great symptoms you've probably been noticing!
And, now for the survey:
How far along?: 5 weeks
Total weight gain: None.
How much does baby weigh?: I don't think my baby has a weight yet!
Maternity clothes?: I bought the BeBand from Target last it!
Sleep?: I am sleeping with a pillow underneath my legs. I expected as much, I have a terrible back!
Best moment this week?: Seeing the test line pop up before the control line and be so much darker on my pregnancy test.
Movement?: Impossible.
Food cravings?: Nothing in particular. Although my appetite seems to increase as the day goes along.
Labor signs?: Definitely not.
Belly button in or out?: In.
What I miss: Energy.
What I'm looking forward to: My first prenatal appointment next Friday!
Milestone: Making it to 5 weeks!!
Okay, now I have to run...Jared and I are going to this little dinner and a movie place nearby to see Grand Torino!

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