The Momma Diaries: March 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Darker and darker!

The lines on my pregnancy tests that is! I peed on one yesterday...I was good about not testing again all week long, but wanted to take another one yesterday before I called the doctor's office this morning. So, here we are at 18dpo and that line is ridiculously dark!
What I find super marvelous is that the test line showed up before the control line! And, look how much darker the test line is than the control line! My best friend, the only person we've told, said she thinks we're having twins, haha! Right now, I'm just hoping for one healthy baby.
I also called this morning to make my first prenatal appointment. Jared wanted me to wait a week to call just to give it some extra time. Today also happens to be 4 weeks and 5 days, this is when I miscarried the last time I was pregnant. So anyways, my first appointment is next Thursday, April 9th. I am very excited because it will be before Easter. If all goes well, I think we'll be telling our families that weekend. These next 10 days will probably drag!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bragging Rights

At around 8pm last night my phone rings. Who is it you ask? My endocrinologist?! Yep. He was calling because I left a message at his office the other day that I needed to put off the RAI until after our baby is born. He called me to congratulate me! How sweet is that?! Seriously, in today's world, what doctor will call you themselves at home, and after hours? I was amazed. This man is clearly a keeper! He even cracked a joke saying, "you and your husband just can't keep your hands off eachother!" He told me he would like to increase my synthroid dose from 75mcg to 100mcg because of the pregnancy. He was going to increase it anyways to 88mcg, but wanted to go higher now that I'm pregnant. He told me to go for blood work 8 weeks after I start taking the new dose. Again, he reassured me that this pregnancy is 100% pefectly safe for me and that putting off the RAI is no big deal at all. So yes, I am bragging about my endo. Seriously, everyone needs a doctor like him.

On another note, I got my Chi flat iron the other day and I must say...I'm quite impressed! Here are the results...

It only took me 20 minutes to straighten my hair, as opposed to the one hour plus it used to take. Yay for the Chi!

As for any new pregnancy news...nothing too exciting going on there. I originally had some slight cramping, but that has slowed down a lot. I am a peeing machine, but that's to be expected. No morning sickness...yet, but it's still early on in the game! We are not planning on telling anyone the news until Easter weekend. I will be almost 7 weeks then and just a little closer to being "out of the woods." Thank you for all of your well-wishes, they are greatly appreciated by Jared and me both. We are very hopeful for this little miracle!! I am planning on peeing on another test this weekend. I want that line to be super dark!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Last Thursday I had my follow-up appointment with my endocrinologist. He is such a sweet man and I love how excited he gets everytime he sees me and Jared! Anyways, he walks into the room and says "we got it! you are essentially cured!" Seriously, who wouldn't want to hear that?! He told me that my nodule was only 1.7 cm, even smaller than they suspected, so that is awesome. He then started talking to me about whether or not I wanted to do the RAI treatment. He said the dose he would give me is ridiculousy small, but it's just another precaution. I obviously told him I'd go ahead with it. He told me that we'd have to wait 6 months to TTC after I take it, or I could get pregant now, and wait to have the RAI until after the pregnancy. We were planning on just scheduling the RAI now to get it over with.

Saturday night I was bored out of my mind. I have literally stock in pregnancy tests so I figured, "hey let's pee on one!" I did, and thought I saw something, but wasn't really sure if it was a super faint line, or an evap line. I tried inverting the pic, but I really couldn't tell. Sunday morning I woke up and decided I must test again! I was only 11DPO. Last time I was pregnant, I didn't get my BFP until 12DPO and even at that, the line was super faint, I had to squint to make it out. So, I peed in a cup...and here's what I got...
I have never got a line that dark before! Even at 15dpo my line was barely visible the last time! So, I hopped in my car and drove to CVS to buy a digital...because the last time Jared really wanted to see that word pop up. When I came home I took one of the tests and here we go!

We are very cautiously excited. We aren't telling anyone quite yet because I miscarried so early the last time. But we are beyond thrilled! Oh, and we're putting the RAI off until out little baby arrives!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My ebay business is really doing well right now. Jared has even really gotten into it by going shopping with me since he's out of work right now. I swear I buy way more stuff with him there, but it'll all sell, so it works out! Some of you have asked me what my ebay ID's "laceylove627." Please note, I am in no way advertising my auctions!! Anyways, since I have been doing really well selling, I rewarded myself with this beautiful piece of technology. An iPod touch....and I am so in love! I saw my friends a couple of weeks ago and thought it was quite the catch. So, the next day I won one on ebay for $166 including shipping! Such a steal!! I really love the wifi feature, it's so convenient! I have already decided that my next big splurge will be this cute little device:
This is the Chi Ceramic Flat Hair Iron. I have very thick, curly hair and if I want to straighten it, it literally takes me forever. I have heard so many raves about the Chi from the GP ladies as well as a few friends, that I figured I'd make the investment! They can be quite pricey though, so I'm looking for major deals on ebay, of course! It has also just occurred to me that this is my second post today....clearly I have too much time on my hands!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lions and Tigers and BEARS...OH MY!

This morning the Department of Enivironmental Protection came to tag the two twin bear cubs that have a den with their mother on our property. Jared was able to accompany them, along with his father and uncle. He got some great shots, and was even able to hold a little cub! They first tranquilize the mother and then bring the cubs out to tag them. It was quite the lengthy process...he was gone for almost three hours! The twins are a boy and a girl. Here is Jared and his father with the baby girl cub.

Apparently the baby girl was quite active and squirmy. The little boy was so cuddly! I wish I could have been there! This is my father inlaw with both cubs and the mother...don't worry, she's just tranquilized!
And here's one of Jared's uncle...

And one more of Jared cause I think he looks so sweet with that little cub!

The cubs weighed just 6 pounds! The mother weighed 172 pounds! I wonder if we'll be seeing them around this summer!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why hello there big kitty...

Yesterday Jared just happened to glance out our bedroom window at the right time. All of a sudden I hear him say, "Kami get over here, there's a BIG cat!" So, I join him at the window and see what we think was a bob cat. We're still not completely sure. Jared thinks it was either a bob cat or a lynx. Anyways, here's what this adorable kitty looked like...

I totally want one to snuggle with! Jared went outside today and was lucky enough to get two good pictures of its paw prints...
We're keeping our eyes out for him incase he decides to stop by to say hello again. Tomorrow morning the Department of Environmental Protection is coming to tag two twin bear cubs that have a den on our property. They're going to tranquilize the mother so they are able to tag the cubs. Jared is able to be there to hopefully get some good pictures of the babies. I am so excited, and will definitely post them if he gets some! Living where we are definitely offers us a great opportunity to see some beautiful wildlife. Last fall I actually saw a 200 pound black bear deep into the woods on our property. I was speechless! We are planning on fencing in a portion of our backyard once our house is built...especially for our future kids and our own pets safety. It's pretty crazy what I have seen living here, and we've only been here one year!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Best Kind To Have"

Those are the words I feel like I am endlessly repeating when telling my family and friends about having thyroid cancer. Since getting my official diagnosis last Thursday, I have had to explain my story numerous amounts of times...which really, I don't mind. What I do mind however, is some of the responses. Let's take my cousin for example. After I told her in great detail about everything, including saying that it did not spread to my lymph nodes and was just contained to that nodule in my thyroid, she must have asked me at least 5 times, "so is there a possibility it spread somewhere?," and "are there any remnants left?" ....which then I repeat what I previously said for the upteenth time. I know she is just concerned, but seriously. Then she proceeds to ask, "so if you don't have a thyroid, does that mean you're going to get fat?" WTF?! I really was like "come on now!" Then if that wasn't enough, she says "so will you not be able to have babies?" WOAH!!!! I was at the point where I really just wished I was in a dead zone and we "accidently" lost reception. So I tell her that I am taking a pill which will act as my thyroid, so no, I won't get fat....and that yes, I can still conceive a child. When her other line clicked in and she asked me to hold I politely told her I was on my way out and had to let her go...which was a lie.

Now come to think of it, she has really been the only one to annoy me with her comments. Everyone else has been very understanding and supportive. My poor mom's eyes fill up everytime I say the "C" word....she really can't bring herself to say it. Her father died of lung cancer when I was 12. Although I have stressed that thyroid cancer isn't even on the same planet as lung cancer, I can understand how this would bring back sad memories for her, and how she would have an exceptional hard time with her daughter having cancer. She does understand that I am going to be okay which is really all that matters. She keeps telling me I'm the strongest person she knows and that she admires me so much. Having my mom tell me that really means the world to me.

A few people have commented that my little angel baby saved my life. I haven't even thought of that before, but they are absolutely right. My baby truly is an angel, and although it couldn't have turned out the way I had originally hoped, that baby was a blessing.

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