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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I passed!

Although my doctor told me I should have no problems passing my glucose test, I was still worried, as diabetes runs in my family. However, I did pass! whoo hoo! The orange drink wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating. My blood count however, did come back a little low, so now I have to take additional iron supplements...fabulous, another pill to add to the mix!

I am pretty excited, because Monday we have another ultrasound! I will be 30 weeks, so I'm hoping we'll be able to get a good peak at his precious little face. They will also be taking measurements of his bones again to compare them to what should be "normal." At our last ultrasound, everything checked out A-OK. Hopefully this one will come back with positive results as well.

I had a wonderful dizzy moment the other day. I was sitting at my computer when I started to get blurred vision and I was seeing black spots. It passed pretty much as soon as I layed down, but it sure did scare me a bit...although I know lightheadedness is common in pregnancy, it still wasn't fun to experience. I will mention this to my doctor at my next appointment, although I'm sure he'll say "it's normal."

Here's my 29 week bump pic, I don't see much of a change from last week...


  1. you're so cute! awwwwww! I'm glad you are healthy and doing well! Pregnancy is awesome! So glad God created your little miracle! Blessings for a beautiful rest of the pregnancy!


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