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Monday, August 24, 2009

Super busy week!

Lots of fun stuff happening this week. This morning I finally finished making my baby shower guest book. For those of you who know me, know that I am an avid, for the guest book, I basically made a scrapbook but with sections for people to sign. There are two different sections. One where my guests can leave notes to Jared and me, and another where they can leave messages to Lincoln! Tomorrow my longest and bestest friend, Lori, is coming to spend the day shopping with me in Connecticut! After our blissful day of shopping, we are meeting Jared at the furniture store to pick up Lincoln's crib, dresser, and glider! We are thinking we will need two vehicles for that process. Wednesday morning Lori and I are heading to Rhode Island! I am spending a few days there because my baby shower with my family and friends from RI is Saturday! Jared is going to meet me there Saturday morning because he will be attending our shower. He is super psyched, as am I! We will be having another shower here in Connecticut towards the end of September. We are excited about that one as well, mainly because we are hosting it in our new house! We will be in mid September and figured it would be a great way to show it off to our family and friends! Jared has been working his butt off to make sure this happens. There is absolutely no way we will be living with the inlaws when little Lincoln is born (jumps up and down from extreme excitement)! I will post pictures next week from my shower this coming weekend...I really cannot wait :)

In the meantime, here are some exterior pictures of our house. It still is not complete, it is missing the shutters, and our front porch is not done...

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