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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Latest Doctors Appointment

We had our latest doctors appointment on Monday night and things went very well. I am at 109 lbs. now which puts me at gaining 7 lbs. so far. My doctor seemed happy with my weight. My blood pressure was also fabulous, and we got to hear our little one's heartbeat...which is always exciting! He didn't do an ultrasound because we are scheduled for our BIG ultrasound this coming Monday, the 29th. I was hoping to find out what we are having this week, but I suppose I can be patient.

The only crappy news is I will have to be put under for my c-section. When I was 14 I had spinal fusion surgery and have a rod in my back for scoliosis. My doctor told me that no anestesiologist would even attempt an epidural or spinal given my case. I am okay with this, but Jared can't be in the room :( . He said as soon as they take the baby out of me they will move it to a room right next to mine to clean he/she up and Jared can go right in. I wish he could be there, but I do understand. I will only be out for about 40 minutes and then I will get to meet my little angel.

He also told me that they will start to measure the baby's bones at my upcoming ultrasound to start the process of attempting to determine if our baby will have Osteogenesis Imperfecta like myself. I am praying that our baby doesn't have it, but we are well aware that there is a 50% chance. If that is the case, it would have type 1 like myself, which thankfully, is the most mild type. We won't like it, but we went into this knowing these odds and are prepared for whatever we may face. We will love our baby just the same :)

On another note, I included a poll at the top right of my blog for everyone to vote on what we're having! I really have no idea, but I do think Jared will be thrilled if he has a little princess to spoil :)


  1. I too have scoliosis and I had surgery done about 4 years ago to correct it. They took bone from my hip and fused it to my spine and I have two 12" titanium rods screwed to my spine. My doctors have said it's fine that I deliver vaginally and I might even be able to get an epidural. I wonder why you can't? Maybe it's because my scoliosis is my mid to upper back and not so much my lower back? Anyway, good luck. I'm glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. :o)

  2. Wow it seems like yesterday you got your BFP and now your finding out the sex. I wish you the best with all the tests and hope the 50% is leaning in the positive direction. Enjoy all these moments!!


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