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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why hello there big kitty...

Yesterday Jared just happened to glance out our bedroom window at the right time. All of a sudden I hear him say, "Kami get over here, there's a BIG cat!" So, I join him at the window and see what we think was a bob cat. We're still not completely sure. Jared thinks it was either a bob cat or a lynx. Anyways, here's what this adorable kitty looked like...

I totally want one to snuggle with! Jared went outside today and was lucky enough to get two good pictures of its paw prints...
We're keeping our eyes out for him incase he decides to stop by to say hello again. Tomorrow morning the Department of Environmental Protection is coming to tag two twin bear cubs that have a den on our property. They're going to tranquilize the mother so they are able to tag the cubs. Jared is able to be there to hopefully get some good pictures of the babies. I am so excited, and will definitely post them if he gets some! Living where we are definitely offers us a great opportunity to see some beautiful wildlife. Last fall I actually saw a 200 pound black bear deep into the woods on our property. I was speechless! We are planning on fencing in a portion of our backyard once our house is built...especially for our future kids and our own pets safety. It's pretty crazy what I have seen living here, and we've only been here one year!


  1. Wow that's awesome and crazy at the same time! I can't imagine seeing that kind of wildlife on your own property!!

  2. Wow! Just like PP said, that's awesome and scary at the same time.


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