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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My ebay business is really doing well right now. Jared has even really gotten into it by going shopping with me since he's out of work right now. I swear I buy way more stuff with him there, but it'll all sell, so it works out! Some of you have asked me what my ebay ID is....it's "laceylove627." Please note, I am in no way advertising my auctions!! Anyways, since I have been doing really well selling, I rewarded myself with this beautiful piece of technology. An iPod touch....and I am so in love! I saw my friends a couple of weeks ago and thought it was quite the catch. So, the next day I won one on ebay for $166 including shipping! Such a steal!! I really love the wifi feature, it's so convenient! I have already decided that my next big splurge will be this cute little device:
This is the Chi Ceramic Flat Hair Iron. I have very thick, curly hair and if I want to straighten it, it literally takes me forever. I have heard so many raves about the Chi from the GP ladies as well as a few friends, that I figured I'd make the investment! They can be quite pricey though, so I'm looking for major deals on ebay, of course! It has also just occurred to me that this is my second post today....clearly I have too much time on my hands!


  1. Hey Kami! That is awesome about your Ebay business, I am glad that you are doing well. I wanted to comment about buying a flat iron...I love Chi's as well, but before you get your heart set on one, you should go check out GHD's flat irons (just google GHD). They are AMAZING! I can't even explain them..you would just have to see for yourself. You can even curl your hair with them and they are so incredibly easy to use. I have a cosmetology license, and have been doing hair for 5 years. I don't currently still work in a salon, but I still do hair on the side, and trust me, I have used my fair share of flat irons, and these rock. They will be a bit pricer than Chi's, but you get what you pay for. And the GHD's also automatically adjust it's temp to your hair, something that a Chi will not do, and Chi's can get incredibly hot and it's really easy to damage your hair with them. Anyways, I am rambling now, but you should really check them out!

  2. Sweet! I have an iphone and the Chi and they both rock! I'll have to check your store out now!

  3. Kami:
    I would love to visit with you about your Thyroid experience. It sounds like we have some of the same things going on. Please respond to my email at ndjasr@gmail.com. I am new to twitter and not so great at it. Thanks much!

  4. LOVE my iphone which is similar to the ipod touch except with a phone obviously. It is sooo addicting!


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