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Monday, March 30, 2009

Darker and darker!

The lines on my pregnancy tests that is! I peed on one yesterday...I was good about not testing again all week long, but wanted to take another one yesterday before I called the doctor's office this morning. So, here we are at 18dpo and that line is ridiculously dark!
What I find super marvelous is that the test line showed up before the control line! And, look how much darker the test line is than the control line! My best friend, the only person we've told, said she thinks we're having twins, haha! Right now, I'm just hoping for one healthy baby.
I also called this morning to make my first prenatal appointment. Jared wanted me to wait a week to call just to give it some extra time. Today also happens to be 4 weeks and 5 days, this is when I miscarried the last time I was pregnant. So anyways, my first appointment is next Thursday, April 9th. I am very excited because it will be before Easter. If all goes well, I think we'll be telling our families that weekend. These next 10 days will probably drag!


  1. YAY! GL with your appointment, hopefully the time will just fly by!


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