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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Time!

The weekend is here again! No big plans really...Jared's working on the electrical for our house all day today and tomorrow. Tonight we're headed to a friends house for a little get together. There will be 8 of us there...and the girls are getting manicures! One of our friends is going to school to be a nail tech and she asked us if she could practice. Should be a fun time!

I'm getting anxious for my appointment with the surgeon this coming Thursday. I should leave there with a set date for my surgery, which honestly...I'm terrified to have, yet at the same time I really just want to get it over with. I really think I'm too young to have to deal with this shiit! But, whatever...life has thrown this little curve at me and I'll beat it down for sure!

My brother inlaw, niece, and nephew from Tennessee are coming to visit March 6-15th. I am super excited! We have not seen them since May, I'm sure the kids are HUGE! Mason is 5, and Mallery will be 4 on February 22nd. Jared and I try to be the best uncle and aunt and send them things in the mail all the time! I cannot wait to see them again. I am hoping my surgery will be done the week after my consult that way I will be all recovered! Having them come to visit is something to look forward to...and right now, I really need that...

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  1. Hey sweetie, I was not started on Synthroid right after I left the hopsital because I hadn't yet seen my endo. I did start on it as soon as I saw him. The surgery really wasn't bad at all. They gave me some happy drugs in pre-op so I wasn't really nervous at all (as weird as that sounds). I was in pain the first few days, but that got better quickly. I think the worst part was being nauseous for about a week from the anesthesia and pain meds. I hope the surgeon gets you in quickly for your surgery. ((HUGS))


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