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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Mine and Jared's first Valentine's Day was the most memorable. We had only been together for a month or so, and he went all out. When I arrived at his town house, there was the most beautiful peach and pink rose in a vase on the table...this is the reason why I chose to have pink and peach roses in my wedding bouquet. There was also a cluster of hershey kisses that he formed in the shape of a heart. Jared also had a trail of hershey kisses leading up the stairs into the bedroom, where there were flower petals all over the room. So romantic. He literally swept me off my feet and continues to do so each day. It's days like today that I like to stop and think about everything he is to me, and how amazingly lucky I am to be his wife.

Today we are keeping things relatively low key. We're planning on going out for an early dinner and then coming back home to cuddle up and watch movies. Such a simple day, but nonetheless sweet. Just being with him, spending time together is really all I need. I think sometimes we start to lose the true meaning of Valentine's Day when we go all crazy with the over-the-top expensive gifts. To me, just loving and being with that special person, no matter what it is you're doing, is truley a gift in itself.


  1. Happy V day! Love your first V-day together story! So sweet!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! That is a really cute story, and very thoughtful that he did that for you. My DH and I are making dinner at home and watching movies tonight too. Hope you have a great night!

  3. Awe your first Valentine's Day was so sweet. He was so thoughtful and romantic.

    I hope you have a great night.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I'll be thinking of and praying for you on Wed.! Let me know if you think of any questions between now and then. You can always email me at You're going to do great!


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