The Momma Diaries: November 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend was filled with many events! Friday night was Halloween of course...and while Jared and i didn't have any big plans, our little niece and nephew in Tennessee had a blast trick-or-treating! Jared and I mailed them their costumes this year. Mason was a transformer, and Mallery was the cutest little mouse ever (see picture below). It's really hard being so far away from them, especially when they're so young and growing more and more each day! I'm really looking forward to the holidays when Jared and I have our own little ones.

Saturday morning my brother and cousin got here bright and early to help with our house building. My cousin Travis builds houses for work, and he's running the show with our house, which is wonderful and we are so so thankful for his help....however, because of his regular job and living 2 hours away, he can only come here on weekends - which is understandable of course! This weekend there wasn't too much done that is actually noticable, however a lot of necessary details were completed. Saturday night Jared and I went to a wedding and had a wonderful night out with friends. Come Sunday evening, we were beyond exhausted and in bed by 8:30 pm! Here's a picture of us from Saturday's wedding!

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