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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Citrus Lane Box - July 2014

I took a few months off from my Citrus Lane box subscription.  However, I received an email with a deal I couldn't refuse, so I decided to start receiving them again.  Honestly, I really like these boxes.  It's a little something special for Avery.  It seems like with him being the second child, he well...gets a lot of Lincoln's seconds!
I cannot tell you how pleased I was with this months box.  I am already looking forward to receiving our next shipment! 
New to Citrus Lane?  Here's how it works:
-First you sign-up.
-Then you select the birthdate for the child you wish to receive the box. 
-You choose to receive a "boy, girl, or neutral" box.
That's it.  Super easy! 
Here's what was in Avery's July box.
Citrus lane july 2014

Pack N Go Mini Mobile from Tiny Love // I wish I received this sooner, because it is so perfect to attach this darling mobile to the infant car seat.  With it being portable, it is perfect for traveling...which we do a lot of! Retail: $12.99

NuturMeals from NurturMe // I received two sample packs of this organic, freeze dried baby food.  You simply empty the contents into a bowl, and mix it with either water, formula, or breast milk. 

Issie Security Blanket from Aden + Anais //  YOU GUYS...THERE WAS AN ADEN + ANAIS PRODUCT IN MY BOX!!!  Seriously.  When I saw this darling elephant security blanket, I think I squealed out loud!  I LOVE everything Aden + Anais.  I love that their blankets are made of a gentle, breathable muslin material.  Avery is incredibly tactile.  He HAS to be touching/holding something soft when he falls asleep.  This is so so SO perfect!! Retail: $15.95

Pur Protect SPF 30 from Pur~Lisse // This was a little something for me!  We all know how important it is to use sunscreen.  I love the size of this, because it is just perfect to throw into the diaper bag.

Truck Spoon from Oogaa // First of all, how stinkin' cute is this little truck spoon?  This is an ergonomic design, featuring easy grip handles that are perfect for little ones who are learning to feed themselves.  It is also made from European-grade food-safe silicone, BPA free, and is dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer safe.  And?  It's a TRUCK!  How cool! Retail: $5.99

Hands down, this is the best Citrus Lane box I have ever received!  I just cannot express how happy I am with its contents.

Have I convinced you to sign-up yet?  I certainly hope so! 

Use my referral link by clicking here, and you can get your first box HALF OFF! 

That's huge people!! 

Let me know if you decide to join in the fun.  I would love to know what your little ones get in your box!  And 50% off is a STEAL!!


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sweet Potato Fries for Babies - Baby Led Weaning Recipe

I mentioned that we've entered the world of baby led weaning with Avery.  My sweet baby boy is just so independent, and wants to feed himself!  I've always heard great things about baby led weaning, but to be honest, it always made me a bit nervous.  All I could envision was my baby shoving too much food into his mouth, and choking.  I'm sure that is a normal fear that most people have when starting baby led weaning. 
Now that we're a bit into the process, it is much easier (on my end).  I think it really helps that Avery is just so into it.  He really loves trying new foods, and get all excited that he can actually feed himself!
I want to share one of my favorite foods for baby led weaning.  Sweet potato "fries."  They are incredibly easy to make, and a great wholesome food for your baby.
sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning recipe

For this particular recipe, I used 4 sweet potatoes. 

sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning

Next, I peeled the skins from the potatoes.

sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning

Then I had my husband slice them into a "fry" shape form.  They were super hard to slice, and knives make me I had my hubby participate :)

sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning

After they were sliced, I popped them into the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  I flipped them over, and then baked them for 15 more minutes.

When they came out of the oven, I just let them cool for a bit before giving them to my little taste tester!

sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning
"hey big bro, don't you be looking at my fry!"
 Avery studied it for a few seconds, and then he dove right in!

sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning

They were a  huge hit!  He really loved them!

sweet potato fries for babies baby led weaning

These sweet potato fries are great for baby led weaning.  They are cut in large enough pieces, so Avery can easily hold the fry, and place it into his mouth.  They are also soft, so he can easily mash them up with his gums. 

Did you try baby led weaning with your children?  Or are you currently trying it?  What are some of your favorite foods for baby led weaning?


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sometimes you need a good tickle fight.

Last weekend we had a full day of fun planned.  My brother's girlfriends little girl was having her 4th birthday party at a beach house....there was even going to be a huge inflatable jumpy house!! Major hit with my Lincoln.  We are going on a huge family vacation to Disney World in September, and they're coming with us.  She has two children, and they were finding out at the birthday party that they were going to Disney!  Their mom got them each a suitcase, and loaded it with a bunch of fun things for Disney and the airplane.  Inside she tucked a fake ticket to Disney.  How fun! 

Lincoln has known we are going to Disney since we booked the trip, and he was just so excited to finally share this information with them.  And of course he was excited for the party.  He is such a little party animal. 

Sunday morning (the day of the party), Jared sent me a text.  He was ordered to stay at work for the day. 

As you know he's a police officer, and unfortunately, sometimes very crappy things come along with his job. 

I knew there was absolutely no way we would be going to the party.  It was already 2.5 hours from us.  By the time Jared got home from work, the party would be over.  Not to mention he had to work that evening, as well.  It was just impossible.

I had to break the news to Lincoln. 

It was seriously one of the saddest things I have had to do.  I felt like I was breaking his little tiny heart. 

He didn't understand why Daddy was stuck at work.  He asked if a "bad guy" got him (OMG).  And eventually just kept saying, "this is such a sad, sad day," with the biggest tears in his eyes.

Lincoln is such a sweet boy.  He has the biggest heart, and he's so, so innocent.  He doesn't understand that sometimes the world throws curve balls in our lives.  Sometimes things don't work out the way we planned.  Sometimes life isn't fair, and just plain old stinks. 

I wish he could always look at the world innocently.  I wish he didn't have to learn these things.  I wish I could protect him forever, so his tiny heart never gets broken. 

Despite it being a "sad, sad day," I tried to make it special and fun for my sweet boy.  We played games and monster trucks.  Anything he wanted to do, we pretty much did it. 

When it was time for bed, Lincoln gave me the biggest hug and told me he loved me.  That little boy.  He has my heart.  I gave him a hug, and smothered him with kisses, and then started a tickle fight!  Hearing his infectious laughter made me realize that although it was a "sad, sad day," I was able to turn it around for him.  He was laughing.  He was happy.

Sometimes, being a mother is so hard.  It's terrible to watch their little hearts get crushed.  To not understand.  But it's in those moments that we have the ability to turn it around.  To make it a little bit better.  To love them more.  To hug them longer.  To have those tickle fights.

To keep a smile on these faces.  That is all that matters.
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