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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stitch Fix October 2016

It hasn't even been one month since my last fix, and I just had to schedule another. Since I knew I was heading to Type-A conference at the end of the month, I thought it would be a great opportunity to spruce up my business casual wardrobe! I requested tops only, as shopping for bottoms is super hard for me because of my height. And you know what? Stitch Fix delivered! Honestly. I probably could have kept this entire box -- except one top fit me a little weird, and another just wasn't my style. Maybe if we weren't going on vacation, I would have kept the entire box to score the 25% off everything. BUT, I was TRYING to be sensible. HA! That sure is hard sometimes!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Stitch Fix and how it works, here's the rundown:
  • First you sign up for your first fix. 
  • Then you fill out your style profile.  This helps the stylists select clothing that they think will suit you.   Don't rush through this process!  Take your time so your stylist can really get to know your style!
  • Your stylist then chooses 5 items based on your profile.
  • You choose your price range.
  • The items are sent to your home (no shipping fees), and you then try them on. Keep what you like, send back (in the included pre-paid postage envelope) what you don't want. You can even exchange an item for another size if it's not the right fit!
  • There is a $20 styling fee, however this can be used to purchase any of the items you are sent!
  • If you decide to keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount. 
  • You then give feedback on your fix.  It's extremely important to be very detailed for your futures fixes!
I've always wanted a personal stylist, haven't you?!  That's exactly what Stitch Fix is! 

Stitch Fix October 2016, Stitch Fix, Stitch Fix Fall Box
Yes. Yes. Yes. I told you. My stylist really hit the nail on the head with this fix!

41Hawthorn Moni Studded Short Sleeve Blouse 
41Hawthorn Moni Studded Short Sleeve Blouse, Stitch Fix October 2016
Initially, this top didn't appeal to me. However, once I tried it on...specifically with the blazer I was sent, I really liked it. I probably could have gone up one size. I request XS tops, however this one was a little more snug than I would have liked. Stitch Fix now offers a great service where you can exchange your items for a different size! If I wasn't going on vacation this week, I might have done that with this top, however, I was trying to watch my wallet. HA!

Skies are Blue Westminster Back Cut Out Blouse
Skies are Blue Westminster Back Cut Out Blouse, Stitch Fix October 2016
So this is the top that I knew wouldn't work even before I tried it on. While there's nothing in particular wrong with this top, it has an open back. I have a pretty decent scar on my neck and back area, so those aren't areas I prefer to flaunt. The color was beautiful, and I'm sure it would look great on someone else.

Kensie Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer
Kensie Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer, Stitch Fix October 2016
It was like my stylist knew I was looking for a blazer. I love the little black polka dots on the white sleeves when rolled up. This one is so SO perfect!  In fact, I have worn it already. I actually wore it the day it arrived. I couldn't have ripped those tags off fast enough! I was literally on my way out the door for a meeting, and this blazer was just what I needed! Also, I'm headed to a blog conference this week, so this will be packed for sure!!

Le Lis Brinan Mixed Print Knit Top
Le Lis Brinan Mixed Print Knit Top, Stitch Fix October 2016
So I went back-and-forth on this one. I LOVE the colors. I LOVE the prints. I LOVE that it's a nice, casual top. I just think I had a problem with ALL of those different prints on one top. Maybe if the pocket was stripes, rather than polka dots? Or if the sleeves were polka dots rather than stripes? I don't know. I REALLY wanted to like this shirt. But, it went back.

Crescent Emnes Swiss Dot Detail Blouse
Crescent Emnes Swiss Dot Detail Blouse, Stitch Fix October 2016
Isn't this top beautiful? I just love the feminine details. This is another top where I probably could have gone up a size. Like I said, I'm usually an XS in Stitch Fix's tops...however, for the dressier blouses, I think I am a Small. It is a gorgeous top, though!

So again, I decided to keep just one item this fix...that incredible blazer!! What did you think of this months fix? What would you have kept? If you blogged about it, please feel free to comment with your link. I love checking out other fixes -- it gives me ideas for what to request in mine!! 

If you haven't signed up for Stitch Fix, and want a little something special for yourself...please do use my referral link here. I promise you will be hooked in no time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Milkshake Lovers Dream!! The NEW Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor!!

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

We are HUGE milkshake lovers in our house. Lincoln specifically asks for a "nilla milkshake" on a daily basis. I kid you not! In fact, we're headed to Disney this week and the first question he asked was, "Mom, can I get a milkshake in Disney World?" HA! Priorities!! Our "milkshake maker" (blender) is around 10 years old. We desperately needed a new one, especially considering we use it rather frequently. Our family was thrilled when we were sent the NEW Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor!!

Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor, best milkshakes
Lincoln likes to help when making his milkshakes, so I really appreciate the Oster Pro's simplicity. It offers Smart Settings™ Technology and 7 speeds including 3 pre-programmed settings (one being milkshake), for the most common blender creations.
Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor, best milkshakes
The Oster Pro 1200 is incredibly user friendly. I don't think Lincoln learned how to read "milkshake" fast enough. LOL.
Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor, best milkshakes
milkshake button!!!
So let's talk about what this bad boy can do (besides make amazingly delicious milkshakes). Not only is the Oster Pro 1200 incredibly versatile, it is affordable and the perfect kitchen appliance for busy moms. The Food Processor addition nicely compliments the blender. It chops up ingredients in no time at all! Oster’s known durability, easy operation, recipes and ideas make it easy to create fresh meals so that families can spend less time in the kitchen and more time together.
Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor, best milkshakes
Here's some more info on the Oster Pro 1200

  • Legendary All-Metal Drive system offers durable metal-to-metal connection which allows you to blend up to 10,000 smoothies. YUM.
  • 1200 power watts and 900 watts of ice crushing power plus a pulse feature to help blend with precision.
  • Product includes 6-cup dishwasher safe Boroclass® glass jar withstands thermal shock and 5-cup BPA-free food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disk and chopping blade. 
So many features!! SO MANY MILKSHAKES!!
Oster Pro 1200 Plus Food Processor, best milkshakes
Lincoln said these "nilla milkshakes" taste WAY better in our new blender! I'm looking forward to whipping up some delicious smoothies -- my favorite!!
Right now you can print a coupon for $10 off any Oster Blender purchase of $39 or more at Target. You'll also want to make sure to download Target's Cartwheel app. Oster will be updating the app with promotions throughout the holiday season!

How would you use the new Oster Pro Plus Food Processor? Do you enjoy milkshakes as much as my Lincoln?!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Once Upon a Time Evil Queen DIY Costume

I am SO excited to be headed to Type-A Parent East Blog Conference at Walt Disney World this week! While we're there, of course we're making a Disney vacation out of it! Honestly, we weren't entirely sure if we were going to be able to attend, until the other day. Because of that, we've been keeping quiet about it around the boys. I didn't want to disappoint them if we had to cancel! Anyways, when Lincoln came home from school the other day, I had our 30 day countdown calendar set out for him on the table. I told him to cross off a day...and then another day...and then another -- until we had just 8 days to go! He was SO happy to realize we would be visiting the happiest place on earth so soon!

While we are visiting, we have tickets to attend Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I have heard what a blast this is, and I'm really looking forward to attending. Of course part of the fun about the party is dressing up in a costume! Jared and I wanted to do some sort of  Disney "couple" costume. We thought of several different possibilities, but ultimately decided on The Evil Queen and Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time

I am a HUGE Once Upon a Time fan, and the Evil Queen is my favorite character. I was so happy that Jared jumped on board with my idea. 

First thing though, we had to find costumes. While Jared found a decent prepackaged Robin Hood costume, I wasn't entirely impressed with the Evil Queen's selection. After much deliberation, I decided to attempt a DIY Evil Queen Costume!!
Once Upon A Time Evil Queen, Once Upon A Time Evil Queen DIY Costume, Evil Queen Costume, Regina Mills Costume, Once Upon a Time Regina Mills, Disney Bound Evil Queen, Disney Bounding
It was really quite simple. I based the pieces off of the photo of the Evil Queen, pictured above, and went from there.

Red Stud Earrings
Lace Cropped Shrug
Lace Up Corset Bustier Top
Poison Apple Necklace
Faux Leather Pants
Flared Skirt
Black Knee High Boots
Fake Red Poison Apple

I am incredibly excited with how this came together, and I'm looking forward to dressing up for the party! Follow me along on instagram for live photos during the event!

Disclosure: Affiliate links are used to help pay for this fab blog. As always, all opinions are my own.

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