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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This is Why I Blog

A couple of weeks ago when I was taking Avery's 8 month photos, Lincoln wanted to get in on a few of the shots...naturally.  Of course, I never pass up an opportunity to photograph my boys...and when it's the two of them together, I am even more happy to oblige! 

This is why I blog.

When people ask me why I blog, or what my blog is about, this is what I tell them.  My two sweet boys.  They are the reason behind my blog.  They are why I began blogging in the first place.  As much as this blog is mine, it is theirs as well.  It holds their stories.  Their memories.  It holds laughter, joy, and tears.  It holds adventure, triumphs, and letdowns. It holds love.  It holds so much love.

One day when they are grown, and have families of their own, I hope they can look back and share these stories with them.  I hope they read my posts and letters to them, and know how loved they were.  How they were my whole world.  My life.  My reason for breathing.  My reason for everything. 

Capturing these sweet moments, these memories that pass us in the blink of an eye.  I want to remember and cherish them always.  I want to be able to share these moments with my sons when they are grown.  I want to sit with my grandchildren and share stories of their fathers when they were young. 

They are my true purpose in life.  Being their mother is my greatest achievement, and always will be.  The pride I have for my boys is something so very special to me.  Never in a million years could I have ever imagined how much love my heart could hold for my children. 

This is why I blog.  For them.  My two sweet beautiful boys.  It's always for them.


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Disney Bound with FROZEN Fun Activities!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FROZENFun #CollectiveBias

I am really starting to get SO excited.  It is just a little bit less than one month, until our big Disney family vacation.  There are TEN of us going...four being little kids ages 4 and under.  It is going to be a blast!! And maybe a little bit crazy.  But, we like crazy.  Up until recently, I was actually a bit disappointed.  All summer long, Disney's Hollywood Studios has been celebrating 'Frozen Summer Fun.'  However, it was planned to finish up its festivities on September 1st.  We don't arrive until mid-September.  I was bummed!!   I didn't even bother to tell Lincoln about the event, because we wouldn't be there.  Like most kids, he is a bit Frozen obsessed!  I was disappointed, because I knew he would love it!  And who am I kidding?  I would love it too!! Who wouldn't?!  

Just last week it was announced that the "Frozen Summer Fun' event was going to be extended until the end of September!! I think I heard the angels sing!!  Or maybe that was just Elsa singing, 'Let it Go.'

I knew Lincoln was going to be psyched to hear the news.  I decided it would be a great idea to try to find some Frozen activities for the plane!!

#frozenfun #shop #cbias

Let me start off by saying, actually finding ANYTHING Frozen related is nearly next to impossible.  Frozen is just so incredibly in demand right now, that I was starting to get a bit discouraged.  On a whim, I decided to go to Walmart to see what I could find.  I really wanted something compact that would be easy for the plane ride.

#frozenfun #shop #cbias

I was thrilled when I found lots of choices in the books area.  I ended up picking up two books, and a coloring activity book!

#FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Although I technically purchased these for the plane ride, Lincoln couldn't wait to dive into the Frozen Little Golden Book.   

It was hard, but we are saving the activity book for the plane.  We made a deal ;)

#FrozenFun #shop #cbias

I love how these books are getting us all the more excited for our vacation.  Lincoln really cannot wait!!

#FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Go on tell me, are you Frozen obsessed?  How about your kids?   
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Bargain Shopping with #WalgreensPaperless Coupons!

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WalgreensPaperless #CollectiveBias

In case you were not aware of this...I am a HUGE coupon shopper. It is very rare that I will buy something that I do not have a coupon for, and is not on sale. What can I say? I just love a good bargain!  

Our family is always on the go. Whether it be to the park, a road trip, or vacationing at our favorite -- Disney World, we love to travel. Unfortunately, traveling is costly. Very, very costly. But, it's something our family very much loves, so we do everything we possibly can to live this lifestyle.

While clipping coupons certainly helps, it is definitely time consuming. And I don't know about you, but if there is anything to make a mundane task a bit easier, I'm all over it. Enter #WalgreensPaperless coupons!
#WalgreensPaperless #shop #cbias

I want to start off by saying that whoever thought of the idea of paperless coupons is an absolute genius. Not only is it ridiculously convenient, but it is also good for the environment!

Let me explain how this process works:
--You simply go to your Walgreens app on your phone.
--Then select which manufacture coupons you would like to use.
--You can view all of the coupons that are available at once, or you can filter your results by the specific department of your choosing.
--Your coupons are 'clipped' to your Balance Rewards account.
--The coupons are stored there and ready to use whenever you are!

#WalgreensPaperless #shop #cbias

It's so easy to find my favorite products...and start reaping the savings!!

#WalgreensPaperless #shop #cbias

This particular trip, I saved $6 off of just a handful of items -- that's equivalent to almost TWO dole whips at Disney!!

#WalgreensPaperless #shop #cbias

Like I said.  Our family is always on the go.  I can literally 'clip' my coupons in the car now, thanks to Walgreens!

It allows my family more time to do what we like to do best -- have fun!!  

And it allows me to enjoy more sweet moments with these boys.  They're only small for such a short time!

These are the years I want to relish.  To soak everything up.  To make everlasting memories with my little family.  Anything that will save me time is a winner to me!

How do you save time and money?  Have you used Walgreens Paperless coupons?

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